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Best way to relay coordinates to your team through a UAV?

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I asked this on the Arma Reddit and didn’t gain much in the way of answers.


something that has always eluded me. Going onto Wasteland (or any server, for that matter) and being able to relay information to my side with the Darter, or any UAV. I’ve always liked being able to be the eye in the sky to help out, but I stumble when it comes to marking targets or places to send my buddies. Is there a way to tell them where the target is? When I’m looking through the UAV optics it’s pretty disorienting. They can’t see the laser I’m spotting with, and I can’t effectively tell them how to get somewhere. I have to guesstimate where the target is on the map, when sometimes I don’t even know what direction I’m pointing. 

All the grid ref on the bottom left does, is tell me where my drone is currently hovering.


it would be nice to be able to mark a spot on the map through the UAV optics. 


Any ideas?

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