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(Bug Report) Tank Player crew turns out in Rhino when lookingon Darter

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(Bug Report)


Ive found a bug, If you go with a Rhino ups and you also are connected to a darter, every time you enter darter and zoom in the player inside the tank will autimatically turn out. Happends every time and ive even tried to remap the keys but it still turns out. Please fix this since its crucial if you wanna shoot Missiles from rhino and while your on darter your player is turned out on the tank.


Edit: Happends as soon as you press left shift the player auto turns out. Easy way to test/reproduce it is, Place yourself in Rhino, Put a darter in editor and look on rhino on ground and zoom in on the darter. The player will turn out of the rhino every time. This puts the tank crew at double risk being shot/sniped while being on uav computer. Please fix


Not sure im posting this on the correct Place, if not please someone post it so devs sees it.


Best regards

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