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Hold Action Add Conditional Issues (ACE_isUnconscious)

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So I'm working on the conditional to the hold action to apply to civilians and other units. I have my mission running on my server and people are having the following issue. 


I want the units to only have the hold action if they are conscious and restrained. Now I thought I had this fixed, but am currently away and not on a computer that can actually test this. They only get the action if they become unconscious. I've tested this without the negation and with false instead of true. I thought this worked but it isn't.


I'd like to figure this out and replace this one script on the server so it works until I can get to it, could someone help my logic here?


My issue is with this particularly:

!(_target getVariable ['ACE_isUnconscious', true]);

Or the whole script (I removed my script calls because they aren't necessary here):

[_this,	//Object
"talk to the civilian", //Text
"\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", //Initial icon
"\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", //Progress icon
"(alive _target) && (typeOf vehicle _this == 'rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_d_rifleman_fast') && !(_target getVariable ['ACE_isUnconscious', true]);", //Condition show action
"(alive _target) && (typeOf vehicle _this == 'rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_d_rifleman_fast') && !(_target getVariable ['ACE_isUnconscious', true]);", //Condition progress action
_anims = ["STAND_U1","STAND_U2","STAND_U3"];
_anim = selectRandom _anims;
[(_this select 0), "STAND_U1", "none"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim;
}, //Code start
{Hint "May I speak with you for a moment?";}, //Code progress
hint "Sure";
}, //Code completed
{Hint "Don't bother me again.";}, //Code interupted
[], //Arguments
2, //Duration
0, //Priority
true, //Remove when completed
false //Show when unconscious
] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", [0,-2] select isDedicated, true];

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Haven't been able to fix this problem. 


Note, it works exactly as it's supposed to in SP, however, when it gets to multiplayer, the hold action only appears after the target has gone unconscious and come to again. I figure this has either something to do with the way that hold actions are handled on the dedicated, or more likely, respawn on start?


Anyone have any ideas?

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Well I'd say that it's probably has to do with your getVariables. 


_target getVariable ['ACE_isUnconscious', true] means the target will be considered as unconscious when ACE_isUnconscious isn't initialized yet, which I assume it isn't until they've actually been downed once. Change true to false. 

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