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Dependence of the number of players to AI

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Really sorry If offtop, but I have a question.

Now I make my own cooperative mission and wanna delete/add squads according players, so, there is two sub-question:
1) How I can check players count?
2) How I can delete already installed on map squads of AI?


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a method i like to use is not to delete entire groups, but to trim them, so perhaps they have 5-6 units instead of 8.




heres an example:


default number of units



trimmed number of units




and a block of code to achieve something like that could look like this:


// init.sqf
if (isServer) then {
	_maxplayers = 10;
	_playerCount = count allPlayers;
	_multiplier = _playerCount / _maxplayers;	// example:   _multiplier = 4 / 10;
	private _grp = grpnull;
	private _grpcount = -1;
	private _newcount = -1;
		if ((side _x) in [EAST]) then {
			_grp = _x;
			_grpcount = count (units _grp);
			_newcount = round (_grpcount * _multiplier);
			while {((count (units _grp)) > _newcount)} do {
				deleteVehicle ((units _grp) select ((count (units _grp)) - 1));
	} forEach allGroups;



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