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Newbie with server needing help

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I currently have a virtualization server I run for personal use and have been asked by son if i can run an ARMA 3 server for him. I honestly have more resources than i could ever use with this monster so i told him i will check. I am looking for documentation on best practices or existing configurations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My specs are as follows and am will to do upgrades if necessary.


XEON E5-2690  x2

128GB ram

LSI 9271-8i raid controller

LSI 9211 controller

8tb raid 10 HDD

400gb raid 10 SSD

four 3tb nas drives available for any raid config

various other drives to accomadate drive configs short of a DC

4 available nics (Have 6 total on machine but two are dedicated)


I am running VM's in hyper-v on Win10 and max usage on the host at any time is around 3 to 4% with normal usage a 1%.

I am sure i can do something for him and would appreciate any help






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Arma doesn't perform as well in a VM as it does running straight on the machine itself. Also worth keeping in mind that Arma probably won't go above 4GB of RAM if you're running the 32bit version.


Ultimately it depends on the amount of players and server configuration. A server with a few players would use little resources even if it's configured badly and has an excessive object count on the map. It's only when you start hitting larger numbers (30+) that the server config (mods, scripts, objects etc.) start to have a real impact on performance. Bandwidth can also be an issue if you're handling a large number of remote clients.


That said, your machine is a frickin monster and would annihilate any gameserver. I'd spin up an arma server and see how it goes. It looks like you plenty of room to grow.

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Follow the procedures in the first post in this thread (It should lead you through everything)

The number of players you can cater for will be determined by bandwidth and cpu.

Arma servers love fast cpu's, the faster the better. They are not truly multicore, they tend to use 1 core for the AI processingand 1 core for everything else

He will be able to run a server for more players if he is just wanting this for PvP. If he wants to run A.I. the players he will be able to host for will be considerably less

For a server run from a typical home connection your son would be looking at hosting for a handful of players at most (If wanting to run A.I.), the choke point normally being the upload bandwidth.

Large player number servers are run from data-centers


From a hardware perspective the only components that you could upgrade that would make a difference to performance is the CPU but probably not worth the money for what will most likely be a passing whim once your son learns how much time is needed to run a server properly :-) and am assuming unless you have an exceptionally good connection performance bottleneck will be the bandwidth anyway

The disk drive only effects boot up of the server, so don't need to do anything there and you have more RAM than will ever be needed.

Arma servers dont run any graphics or sound so you dont need to be concerned about any hardware for that



As a comparison I run older Dual X5675's (3.07Ghz Hex cores) from a datacentre. I mainly run Coop servers, and for each server I cater for around 50 players with a cap on or about 200-300AI

With the duals I can simultaneously run at least 4-5  Arma servers, sometimes more plus all the additional apps such as teamspeak, databases, web etc


Hope that helps

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