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Volition Servers Invade & Annex

Game: Arma 3
Map: Tanoa
Location: Dallas, Texas
Slots: 40
Privacy: Public


Welcome to one of the very few I&A servers running on Tanoa from the Arma III Apex DLC.  Here, you can finally experience persistent close-quarters and long-range combat in the lush and vibrant environment based off of the Horizon Islands North-east of Australia.


This server is running the Invade & Annex Apex Framework released publicly by Quiksilver featuring flushed out performance improvements, enhanced AI behavior, comprehensive objectives and even a customizable radio system to clean up the clutter of public chatter.

Source: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212240-apex-framework/


*Invade & Annex is a persistent mission making mod for in-depth Player vs Enemy experiences*


Automatically generated missions with a variety of foes and rewarding objectives!  Just hop in the server, pick a role and navigate to the front lines with the help of your comrades in arms!


The Invade & Annex Apex Framework persistently generates all of the following:


Main AO populated with enemy CSAT forces and complete with multiple sub-objectives to weaken the opposing force and strengthen your chances of victory!

Forward Operating Base that can be resupplied and maintained as a respawn point supply depot and vehicle service location for all ground forces!

Secondary objective that can vary anywhere from rescuing a friendly behind enemy lines, escorting valuable resources in a convoy, securing enemy intel and even engaging enemy forces under the ocean!

Aircraft Carrier that provides 1 friendly CAS pilot a fully armed Black Wasp II jet and UAV drones for reconnaissance and precision destruction

Main Base complete with the V44-X Blackfish VTOL plane capable of inserting a fully loaded Marshal IFV behind enemy lines in minutes, large capacity helicopters such as the CH-67 Huron and UH-80 Ghost Hawk to deliver supplies and reinforcements as well as a plethora of ground vehicles from the powerful MBT-52 Kuma tank to the amphibious AMV-7 Marshall

Recruitable AI that can be actively commanded to assist in battle!




You are a member of the NATO BluFor forces.  CSAT military has been working with the local Syndikat militia to establish control over the Tanoa region.  


Primary Objective:

Your mission is to completely drive all of the enemy forces out of the region and cripple the foreign control over the island.  The enemy has established fortified defenses and communication. Utilize any and all assets to neutralize the enemy defenses, destroy their means of communication and once they are weak and vulnerable, strike directly at their headquarters.


Secondary Objective:

The region has become war torn and the local populace is not without suffering.  Assist IDAP personnel and delivery valuable resources where needed to assist the neutral bystanders in this time of crisis.


Tertiary Objective:

We are in need of reinforcements but good help is hard to find.  Recruit your friends and fellow comrades to join our forces on the frontlines.




You must be 13 years or older to participate on any assets provided by Volition Servers.  


Nobody needs to tell you how to behave.  You don’t need a set of rules or someone holding your hand.  Administration reserves the right to penalize anybody with OR without a proper reason.  We’re all friends here, as long as everyone’s having a good time, then there isn’t a problem.


Join us on Teamspeak @ VolitionServers.Teamspeak3.com

Or Discord @ https://discord.gg/hkKBHgg


We provide other servers as well, get to know us!



Thank you for reading!

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