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Server restart query

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Hello all,

I'm currently having issues with my Exile server restarting due to an error / crash.

I have no idea what the issue could be and the hosting company suggested the issue may be with the database and to look on Google and if nothing, post here.


The results I have seen via Google search indicate a memory problem, but this is not in line with the host suggestion.

Sorry it's the first post is a question but this one is baffling me.



A3_Structures_F_Exp_Military_Barracks_01 in a3\structures_f_exp\military\barracks_01\

A3_Structures_F_System in a3\structures_f\system\

A3_Structures_F_Ind in a3\structures_f\ind\

A3_Weapons_F_Bootcamp in a3\weapons_f_bootcamp\

A3_Armor_F_Gamma_APC_Wheeled_03 in a3\armor_f_gamma\apc_wheeled_03\

A3_Weapons_F_Mark_Rifles_MK20 in a3\weapons_f_mark\rifles\mk20\

A3_Props_F_Exp_Military_OldPlaneWrecks in a3\props_f_exp\military\oldplanewrecks\

A3_Map_Malden_Data_Layers in a3\map_malden\data\layers\

A3_Soft_F_Heli_Quadbike_01 in a3\soft_f_heli\quadbike_01\

A3_Structures_F_Heli_Items_Sport in a3\structures_f_heli\items\sport\

A3_Structures_F_Exp_Civilian_Slum_03 in a3\structures_f_exp\civilian\slum_03\

Volha in exile_psycho_gaz_volha\, A3_Boat_F_Civilian_Boat in a3\baseconfig_f\

A3_Data_F_Kart in a3\data_f_kart\

A3_Structures_F_Dominants_Lighthouse in a3\structures_f\dominants\lighthouse\

A3_Structures_F_Bootcamp_System in a3\structures_f_bootcamp\system\

A3_Structures_F_EPA_Items_Medical in a3\structures_f_epa\items\medical\

A3_Structures_F_EPB_Items_Luggage in a3\structures_f_epb\items\luggage\

A3_Structures_F_Ind_PowerLines in a3\structures_f\ind\powerlines\

A3_Weapons_F_EPA in a3\weapons_f_epa\

A3_Structures_F_Argo_Military_Fortifications in a3\structures_f_argo\military\fortifications\

A3_Structures_F_Mark_Mil_Flags in a3\structures_f_mark\mil\flags\

A3_Weapons_F_EPA_LongRangeRifles_GM6 in a3\baseconfig_f\

A3_Characters_F_INDEP in a3\baseconfig_f\

A3_Structures_F_Exp_Civilian_Slum_04 in a3\structures_f_exp\civilian\slum_04\

A3_Animals_F_Beta_Goat in a3\animals_f_beta\goat\

A3_Missions_F_Tacops in a3\missions_f_tacops\

A3_Sounds_F_Tacops in a3\sounds_f_tacops\

rhs_a2port_armor in rhsafrf\addons\rhs_a2port_armor\

A3_Structures_F_EPA_Civ_Constructions in a3\structures_f_epa\civ\constructions\

A3_Weapons_F_EPB in a3\weapons_f_epb\

A3_Weapons_F_Gamma_Rifles_MX in a3\weapons_f_gamma\rifles\mx\

Mods: @ExileServer;@extDB2;@a3_dms;@infiSTAR_Exile;@A3XAI;@CBA_A3;@infiSTAR_customApps;A3;curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;jets;argo;orange;tacops;dlcbundle;dlcbundle2;@Exile;@RHSUSAF;@RHSAFRF;@AdvancedTowing;@AdvancedRappelling;@SA_AdvancedSlingLoading;@Extended_Base_Mod

ServerMods: @infiSTAR_customApps;@CBA_A3;@A3XAI;@infiSTAR_Exile;@a3_dms;@extDB2;@ExileServer

Distribution: 0

Version 1.80.143869

Fault time: 2018/04/10 00:22:56

Fault address: 10009828 01:00008828 Dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll

file: Exile (__cur_mp)

world: Altis

Prev. code bytes: 8B 47 08 8D 5F 08 8B 74 24 10 89 06 8B D0 8B CE

Fault code bytes: F0 0F B1 0B 3B C2 75 F2 85 D2 75 1D 8B 5F 0C 83



EAX:00000004 EBX:10000008

ECX:0FFFD092 EDX:00000004

ESI:0FFFD092 EDI:10000000


SS:ESP:002B:008E58FC EBP:00000200

DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B



note: Minidump has been generated into the file instance\arma3server_2018-04-10_00-00-10.mdmp



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wrong subforum, also you should ask @infistar since you paid for it.

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2 hours ago, yxman said:

wrong subforum, also you should ask @infistar since you paid for it.

Brilliant, thank you for your reply zxman,

Can I ask how you know it is an issue with infistar so I can understand and learn.


Thanks again

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