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Rescuing a downed support pilot and time change

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I have a MP mission I've been creating that my friend and I play. I have supports one of which is transport via helos. I'd like to add in an optional mission that populates if an AI gets shot down. I have seen it in other missions I play. Basically, the crew is shot down, you're assigned to rescue, and when a player gets close, the downed crew(if alive) is added to your squad. How do I do that?


Also, is there a simple way to have a choice in game to change the time? We've played terrorist hunt scenarios where we go up to a briefing board and click change time. We'd just like to be able to switch from day to night. So we can do one task during the day and maybe RTB and switch to night for the next. 




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25 minutes ago, mlamp89 said:

Got it moved! Thanks


Looks like you recreated the thread. :hmmm: If you need a thread moving, please use the report feature, rather than creating a duplicate thread.


- Closing

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