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TF316 is a fictional multi-national coalition of Special Forces from the EU and USA, assembled to defeat the enemies of NATO wherever they may be. This multi-national

coalition provides a wide range of operational scenarios, equipment and tactics which when blended together creates the ultimate tool in NATO’s arsenal.


The GU (Gaming Unit) is built to conduct special operations – be that in the deserts of Takistan, the forests of Chernarus or the mountains of Altis. We specialise in reconnaissance
and intelligence gathering, counter-terrorism and direct action against high-level targets. We typically run these as groups of operations in a particular theatre

as an operational deployment.


Our mission is to emulate the NATO Task Force 88, with techniques and tactics whilst working alongside the game engines limitations.





About our Members


We are a group of experienced ARMA players who pride ourselves on our realistic approach to ARMA while understanding that it is still a game and we're all here to enjoy playing it.


We aim to emulate the tasking's and operations of a NATO Tier 1 special operations task force, with our inspiration drawn from the real-life Task Force 88.


We are primarily an English speaking European based unit that currently contains members from the UK, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium.



Operational Nights


We conduct our operations on a Monday night from 1930 - 2200hrs GMT


our past operations


Operation Eagle

Operation Sabre

Op Shahi Tandar

Operation Sabre

Operation Inherent Resolve

Operation Ocean Shield


More Operations to follow



Task Force 316 unit structure


The unit is currently made up of one troop – ALPHA Troop. The troop rotates through specialist insertion methods including Air, Boat, Mobility and Mountain, as well as retaining core specialist skills such as explosives, commanding, signals and reconnaissance. A clear command structure and specialist skill-sets provide our members with an immersive but fun experience aimed at accurately portraying Special Forces operations in the current day.


As we get more members there is hope to introduce BRAVO Troop, CHARLIE Troop and Airwing





If you are 18+ and have a good sense of humour (you'll need it!) then visit our website link can be found below.


TF-316 website


Team Speak address:


Arma 3 Units




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