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my Name is Ehab

and I am looking for someone how can make or already have a good mission for arma 3 altis life that  i can buy it 

i dont want any realssed old mission or somthing like that 

Its doesnot need to be the best mission but I want it to be good 

if you have what i want i can pay for the file 

I need 

the life server

the sql datebase 

the mpmission file

thank you

please replay me soon

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Hey @Sy0GameR,


I'd be willing to create the server files for you on the map Altis, with extra buildings, custom scripts, along with your provided suggestions.

One thing you'd have to take into count is that paying someone to develop a server for you can come at a steep price, depending on your demands and the developer's experience.

If you message me on the forums back I'd be willing to discuss your demands and I can suggest a price. I'm fairly reasonable in pricing as this would be my third project.


Kind regards,



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