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Generic faction mod + customizable faction script 


This script provides a fast way to create a custom faction allowing for selection and randomization of uniforms, vests, head and facewear, weapons, insignia and flags. 
This mod doesn't change any existing mod asset or texture as it contains only configs and scripts, except images used in insignia and flags which were made by author.



-->This mod+script aims for three things:
1-Creation of factions not covered by other mods.
Easy to create a new faction and customize its look. The script, flags and insignia are focused on the syrian war but you can use it for whatever other theatre.
2-Random variation in factions.
This is especially intended to mimic the way many forces in battle end up looking very different from the uniformized looks they have when in garrison or on parades. Often civilians get involved and gear is not readily available for new recruits.
3-On-the-fly editing:
Faction can be edited with game running and new spawned units will get the new loadout changes. So it's much easier to tweak than a regular faction mod.


--> This is not meant to replace a proper faction mod but to be a decent substitute for when one of those is lacking.


-Four already set-up factions: 
    - Yekîneyên Parastina Gel, default WEST faction
    - Hayat Tahrir as Sham (ex-Nusra), default EAST faction
    - Jabhat Tahrir Surya (Ahrar + Zinki), selectable in init.sqf
    - Turkish backed FSA (Sultan Murad + Hamza Division), default GUER faction.
-Compatible with alive: spawned units in alive will have the specified identities, loadout and vehicle flags.
-Customizable: create as many factions as you want and use mission based factions.
-Open to adaptation, include your own assets and other mods in the script to extend it to your needs. You can use this script with any exisitng faction if you add or change classnames in unitTypes.sqf.



-->How it works:
-There's a generic faction called MILITIA, avaliable in each side that was made with the alive ORBAT tool, There's nothing interesting about it on its own.
-Then there's a folder with scripts that you can put in your mission folder or in the global scripts folder if you want it available globally.
-Each MILITIA unit that is spawned uses an eventhandler that calls the script and changes the identity and loadout of the unit according to parameters defined in a faction file.


-->How to use:
-Use the built in factions: for this you just need to install the mod and put the script folder named MILITIA in your mission folder.
-Make your own: Copy one of the templates, change the filename and  adjust the variables in it according to your preferences, then put the line - #include "yourfaction.sqf" - on the init.sqf file that's inside the MILITIA folder, put your new faction in one of the SIDE variables and that's it.
-Use other assets: Add or replace object classes in the arrays defined in identities.sqf, uniforms.sqf, accessories.sqf and rifles.sqf and weapons.sqf.


-MILITIA faction, compatible with Alive
-Flags and insignias used by factions of the syrian conflict 
-Script for randomization of layouts







Hay'at Tahrir as Sham



Olive Branch Forces




-RHS complete - needed for weapons and vehicles, obviously.
-Project OPFOR - it has all the important camo patterns and allows insignia.


-->Optional mods for better functionality:
-Iraqi Syrian Conflict mod - provides takbir shouts (if you care for this mod you probably already own ISCmod)
-VSM Accessories - provides diversity in balaclavas (strongly advised for decent balaclavas)
-Hidden Identity V2 - provides diversity in shemaghs (strongly advised for really jihadi looking shemaghs)
-CL_Armbands - provides armbands for less standardized factions (not needed but helpful when using factions that look similar, many actually use them in the syrian war beacuse uniforms are not "uniform" enough).



-->Downsides and things to improve:
-SP only: have no ideia how to make this available for MP. If you know how and care to reply please do it in this thread.
-I really really suck at scripting, so I have no ideia if there was an easier and more efficient way of doing things. So again if you want to make a better version or improve it, please do and share (if you want to make fun of my scripting you're also welcome).
-Only a very few vehicles. Some RHS vehicles imported using ORBAT ended up with animation problems and I don't have a solution for it yet (if you have a solution pelase share). So if you use alive and really want a faction to use a vehicle not included in the mod you have to place it manually. With VCOM you can even put some empty vehicles around and when AI gets on board this script will add the appropriate flag for them.


--> Future plans:
Better support for vehicles.
Support for TRYK's uniforms (because it has the best civilian clothes that I know of AND it has knee pads).

Download from dropbox


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Thanks, George, hope it's useful

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Trying some retextures of the AAF uniform. This is just on vanilla. Maybe I'll even make Project OPFOR optional on the next update. 



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Made some KRYPTEK stuff for the weirdos. Had to do a bit of GIMP tile cheating, though



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Gave up on this one and did a total remake based on VTN mod: 


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