Hello there to Everyone !     From the discussion in GF Mission script : #moving this here    GF Auto Population Script - Mod progress :   Right now there is a variety of 52 different spawn settings. This has to do with the enemies spawn and behaviour , patrol , defend , garrison etc There is a dynamic distance of spawn and despawn , in order to set a maximum number of enemies on the server. There are options about the spawn positions. There are safe distances from players to spawned units .   So in conclustion , it will populate the whole Map with enemies according to distance and max number of enemy.   Here are some pics :   here it starts to spawn over the distance - for the test   here they get despawned   next spawn in a different location - by the way theese units right now are Garrisoned     Here is a total random spawn from 52 different options :   So very soon it will be ready. I'm thinking to create two more separate scripts for civilians and Zombies ( Ravage - Ryanzombies and Max's )   Thanks !
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