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Command Target does not work when player is in driver seat

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I'm trying to revive a script that someone wrote in the mod section to allow the AI gunner in a helicopter to follow where the pilot player is looking.


It used to work by creating a laser target, setting the gunner to target it via commandTarget, and then update the laser target position every few ms based on where the player is looking.


The problem I've run into now is that when the player is in the driver/pilot seat of the helicopter, the gunner wont target anything.


If the player leaves the helicopter, the gunner will target the laser. When the player jumps back in, he stops targeting.


I've tried various things:


- making gunner group leader

- making gunner join another group

- making the gunner captive

- disableAI "ALL" on gunner

- doWatch

- doTarget

- commandWatch


Nothing works - I don't know if this is a bug with vehicles, but I cant get the gunner to target anything when I am inside the vehicle. 


Has anyone had any luck with getting this to work?

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