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[A3][EU/UK][Recruiting][Zeus Milsim]25th Marine Expeditionary Forces [Modern Warfare]

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25th Marine Expeditionary Force

“Semper Fidelis”

Always Faithful


What is “25th Marine Expeditionary Force”:

We are a multinational unit recruiting from all areas however, basing in the UK (GMT)

We are an International force taking the template of the United States military.

We are a small tight knit community having 20+ players looking to expand however.

We are infantry based however, available positions are: Aviation, Mechanized Infantry and infanteers.

Operations times vary between 1830 - 1930 (GMT) Daily.


What you can expect from us:

A fun and friendly community.

Daily operations in a hassle free group removing the feeling of “Milsim” being a duty and placing the fun back in Arma.

Casual however, professional operatives in all areas.

Flexible operation times accessible for all people.

Trainings to improve your milsim knowledge and improve yourself as a warfighter.


What makes us unique:


A multi-game community if you are looking to relax while we are not on operations you can feel free to join up with other members of “25th Marine Expeditionary Force” and enjoy a fun experience on other games.

We are a casual unit removing the duty and hassle from Milsim life however maintaining the professional standard needed for operations to run smoothly.

We offer different styles of play to meet all your needs, we having everything from small operation task forcing with our highly trained “Marine Raiders” serving under 1stLT. C. Harrison, or you can enjoy the hard hitting infanteer unit with the “Marine Infanteers” platoon serving under 2ndLT. C. Clayton.

A large range of modifications to make your milsim experience unique to anything else.


Roles available:

Infanteer: An infanteer is the main role in 25th Marine Expeditionary force equipped with the basic essentials needed for our operatives to be effective on operations.

Anti-Tank Specialist: Anti-Tank Specialists, AT Specialists for short take, advantage of our range of anti-tank weaponry to destroy any hostile armour that is encountered on operations.


Field Medic/Combat lifesaver: The first responder to situations in which friendly forces have taken a casualty / WIA (Wounded in action) this role is the most crucial to the survival of forces in operations. You will be a key part of any team in any operation making sure that your teammates are never left to die out in the field.


Autorifleman: Otherwise referred to as a gunner utilising the extensive heavy weapons provided to them on operations to suppress and or kill the enemy.


Grenadier: Utilising the long range grenade launching capabilities to kill hostiles on operations.


Breacher: The first man entering the building specialising in CQC. In this role you will be key to making sure our assault teams are never gunned down or severely injured entering and clearing buildings, we will have our trust in you to keep us safe.


Radioman: The radioman uses the long range radio to keep intel and informations flowing from ground forces to command forces, air assets or other friendly forces operating around the operation area. You will be key to keeping our operations running and making sure there is always high end communication.


Marksman/Sniper: Highly trained covert operatives utilising long range capabilities to silently kill and hostile forces. You will also play a major part in the reconnaissance of objectives ensuring ground forces know what they are going into and can be prepared suitably for any objectives.


Sapper (EOD): These highly trained engineers deal with any explosives that stand in the way on operations defusing them allowing operatives to carry on with their objective.


Pilots: Our specialist pilots can vary between Fixed wing or Rotary being able to deliver CAS strikes on operations and support infantry fighting forces.


What is required to join “25th Marine Expeditionary Force”:

Age is of no concern to us as long as you are mature and act appropriately on operations.

Respect is a must to any and all players in our unit or on joint operations with other units.

Working microphone alone with “Task force radio” (if you need support with the setup feel free to contact us) “Task force radio” will also require Teamspeak.

The means to attend operations and show dedication towards the unit.

Willingness to learn and adapt to what is required of you in “25th Marine Expeditionary Force”

The ability to follow orders and rules competently without fail.

Feel that your suitable?

Contact the unit on the discord (https://discord.gg/fpjUh9H) then introduce yourself in the introductions section or contact Maj. D.Qiwen, 1stLT. C.Harrison, 2ndLT. C.Clayton, along with any of the military police staff. In addition to this you can contact through the teamspeak (uk.voice.gamingdeluxe.co.uk:9019)

(Problems with the discord link provided, contact Maj. D.Qiwen through his steam (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079958248/)

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