@Hastyace - Isn't that standard A3 behaviour as well? Here is a quick solution (work-around) - if I have understood correctly. player setVariable ["weaponHolstered", true]; player addMagazine "HandGrenade"; [] spawn { throwKeyEH = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { if (param [1] == (actionKeys "Throw" select 0) && player getVariable "weaponHolstered") then // change getVariable to whatever condition you need { hintSilent "Throw is blocked when your weapon is holstered."; true } else { false }; }]; }; NOTE: Keep in mind that this will only block the first set key. You can tweak to loop through all though, pretty easy. @GEORGE FLOROS GR - Maybe because the grenade is thrown in some kind of set position if nothing is in hand. Just guessing but this is one annoying thing imo.
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