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[Release] Simple targeting script for helicopters and jets

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Hello everyone,

I've been writing scripts for a while now but never separately released them.  I had some time today so I tweaked one of the scripts I've written in the past for separate public release.  


It's a script simple script that will make a jet or a heli target enemy units.  You can decide for yourself which types of units (cars, tanks, air, ...) the jet/heli will attack and to which factions are considered hostile.  In total there are 9 parameters provided you can tweak when calling the function.  Only 1 is mandatory.  


The script was only tested in a singleplayer environment but I see no reason why it wouldn't work in a multiplayer environment.


Included files:

  • Readme, with boring legal information like copyright and license
  • targetingScript.sqf, the actual script
  • targetingScript.Stratis, a little example mission. 


To play the example mission just drag the mission into one of the following 2 locations: 

C:\Users\<yourUser>\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\<yourProfile>\missions

C:\Users\<yourUser>\Documents\Arma 3\missions 

and go into the editor and play it in singleplayer.  It's nothing fancy, just a quick example how it works.


Download the script and include it in your mission.  I personally suggest turning it into a function when using it.
If you keep using it as a script you can look at the init.sqf in the example mission to see how to use it.
If you know how to turn it into a function I don't think I need to explain anything to you :)




If you find any bugs please let me know either in this topic or make an issue here: https://gitlab.com/stanhope/targetingScript/issues


Future plans:

  • Turn the time to attack and time to loiter into params
  • Fix any and all bugs
  • General optimization




Lastly I'd like to kindly ask everyone to not host my work in other places if no major changes have been made to it.  Instead please simply link to my gitlab, this is merely a request.  If you made a significant change to my script I have no problem with anyone hosting it anywhere as long as it's in accordance with the license. 

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Looks useful, thanks for sharing!

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4 hours ago, stanhope said:

Hello everyone,


Hello there stanhope !


Congratulations for your scipt !

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