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Execute Script form Task description link

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to make a script that allows you to cancel a mission by clicking on a text that says CANCEL in the description of the task.

_descript1 = "<execute expression=' [1] call compilefinal preprocessFileLineNumbers'DMG\functions\fn_CancelM.sqf' '>CANCEL</execute>"; 

And then in the task:

[blufor, ["Tarea_"+_IDTarea], [_descript1,_titulo,_marker], _posicion, true, 1, true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate;


If I put it in this way the result is that nothing comes out.


Thanks for your help



is my first post in this forum, if I do not have to say it here please tell me.
I found it here: 

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Edit ....Oh wow, necrothreading.... 1 year exactly....sorry but..


Although not answering your question specifically....


The issue I have found is that the 'string' part can't have any ' " in it.


You can set up some code in the missionNameSpace such as


missionNameSpace setVariable ["myTag_SomeCode", {hint "Hello"; hint "Goodbye";}];


_text = "<execute expression = 'call myTag_SomeCode' >Long line of text which you can click goes here OK? </execute>";
player createDiaryRecord ["mySubject", ["myTitle", _text]];

and that works from the diary in the map.. haven't tried within a task...


I may have missed a trick with the code as a string in the tag... it never seems to want to work if you have any ' or " characters in it but, as I say, I might be missing something simple here.


I know I'll call up some superusers! @killzone_kid, @Larrow? Any ideas? (and the rest of you!)



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TAG_fnc_cancelTask = {
	params[ "_taskID" ];
	if ( _taskID call BIS_fnc_taskExists && { !( [ _taskID ] call BIS_fnc_taskState in [ "CANCELED", "FAILED", "SUCCEEDED" ] ) } ) then {
		_taskDescription = [ _taskID ] call BIS_fnc_taskDescription;
		_taskDescription set[ 0, "The task has been canceled" ];
		[ _taskID, _taskDescription ] call BIS_fnc_taskSetDescription;
		[ _taskID, "CANCELED" ] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState;

_taskID = format[ "Tarea_%1", _IDTarea ];
_descript1 = format[ "<execute expression='[ %1 ] call TAG_fnc_cancelTask'>CANCEL</execute>", str _taskID ];
[blufor, _taskID, [_descript1,_titulo,_marker], _posicion, true, 1, true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; 


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