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USS Freedom wire snap speed

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I just got info that F/A-181 Land to carrier Arrest Max Allowed Speed = 275kmh

When Jet DLC first release, the landing speed for a correct AoA with full flaps landing config is around 210kmh,

but after one or two updates, the landing speed changed to 275kmh ± 5kmh (in game data says 265kmh

on speed = 275kmh

AoA too high (too slow) = 270kmh or below

AoA too low  (too fast) = 280kmh or higher


So, with the wire snap speed at 275+, and a correct landing speed at 275kmh ± 5kmh, you will have a big chance of getting a wire snap even landing in a perfect way, which I tested it for a long time and have years of carrier landing experience in ArmA3.


Can any devs answer this question: Is the setting intended or just someone forget to change the data?



Before update:





After update: 




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