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Vanilla weapons squad - TL player order broken by JIP

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Hi all,

It seems to me unconscious state provides some trouble with commanding menu.

In Vanilla Arma 1.80, all DLC's (but Kart).

Place a group of units, player leader. SP/MP doesn't matter but, for some consistency, let's play in MP, respawn on death, revive enabled for all players.


I named 3 units u1,u2,u3, and in a radio trigger, (or what ever mean to run a code), I prepared the unconscious state for these 3 units (tested with 3 but probably not significant), by

{_x setUnconscious true} foreach [u1,u2,u3];


Run the preview in SP or MP (so you're in hosted server).

Command units to move

Call the code to make three of them falling unconsious

continue to command the group...


- each time you're ordering "regroup", the remaining units will regroup on your position,

- each time you're ordering "go here", the remaining units will regroup around an unconscious unit (TL?) , no matter the direction you ordered.


See video.

It's "almost" the same if you replace setUnconscious true by setDamage 1 (killing units). Just test it!  At the very first seconds the units seems to rally a dead unit then follow your order when the "situational awareness" is broadcast inside the group. Dead units are ignored and the move order is correctly executed. On the contrary of their unconscious state, probably breaking the broadcast S.A.


IMHO, Unconscious state is not correctly implemented for all AI behaviors or AI presence/status.

NB : To be compared with all animations (like healing) incompatible with falling into unconsciousness. The healing anim continues after revive but the unit is stuck in weird prone.

I hope this help.



EDITED (see below)


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Problem still persists v 1.82

Remaining alive units don't follow leader player orders (except regroup) when some AIs are unconscious!

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Still no improvement with this weird behavior. Am I the only one who experience that (Vanilla, 100% reproductive)?

Are Arma addicts happy to hear some new leader (AI) yelling some orders to unconscious player?

Ridiculous at most but not so annoying as disobedient units when you're leader back again!

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No need to fall unconscious. This vanilla group is broken if JIP chooses marksman slot!


So, I'm changing the title of the thread. Initially:

unconscious state breaks command action on other AIs


Vanilla weapons squad - TL player order broken by JIP


Easy repeatable bug:


- Place a vanilla weapons squad od 8 on map (Vanilla Arma).

- Make slot playable

- run a MP session (hosted for me)

- Choose TL and order moves for your group

- JIP on client and choose marksman slot

- order what you want from TL

- just remark that all AIs are glued around the marksman, moving slightly to keep the formation in the direction of the ordered point, but no one moves!


That's a rebellion!... and a bug by the way.

A tried some other configurations for group. It seems so far that a couple TL/Marksman gets divorce, even if playing with ranks. Perhaps some other ones.

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This problem is remaining so far (v 1.90)...


In a BLUE vanilla weapon squad (playable), MP session (hosted or dedicated),


- play as leader: you can order moves to your group

- ask a second player for marksman unit. As leader, you can't order anymore move while marksman is played....


Simple to reproduce. Hard to understand this vanilla bug. Probably, some other hidden unwanted behaviors like this, depending on engine. I found the couple leader/marksman but who can say that's so specific?


Thanks for your attention. :huh2:

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