Hello. I found two DEV servers. Both yesterday and today after the update using the "game updater" tool, the BattlEye client copies me from the servers.
I connect to the server. I am in the lobby and I choose the role and I will be thrown out in a moment.
A folder with a stable version of the game was copied to another HDD and updated to the DEV version with the Game Updater tool. I can easily use the game if I am not joining the servers. In the stable version, I do not have problems connecting to servers.
I bought the game and some DLC in Store Bistudio. Dank Tanks I bought on the Steam platform.   https://imgur.com/a/plUPu My rpt file https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhGMc3MQZJqr1D82HI2qJu137x-G