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Zeus issue - Commanding units glitch

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Thank you for the time.

After extensive testing and consulting with other people who Zeus, I have an issue that has been proven to be on Client side, that is on my end? And I have no idea how to solve this or if this is a recurring issue for others.




As I am commanding units, I have manage to locate through help from others what the exact issue is:

Whenever I am trying to change the settings in this window and on the go, it is like the window is separated by the upper half and the lower half and this is what happens.

I set the unit to search and destroy or any other type, it toggles the rest of the options off and to the far left. It does this by itself.

And if I try to change the options below, it toggles the type above back to Move, effectively making it so that I can only do one or the other, resulting in whenever me setting the troops to search and destroy - they start walking and acting casual. They refuse to open fire or acknowledge they are being picked off one by one. They will keep walking until they die.


This is a big issue for me who Zeus for a community and no matter what, we have been unable to find a solution. When other people do the same thing, it works for them so it should be a client side issue?



Help appreciated! :)

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