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Tanks DLC: Premium Vehicles Mobility Tests

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Rhino MGS: Terrible. It appears to have a significant disadvantage in engine power. It is unable to keep pace with motorized forces in its current state on or off road, especially with significant inclines, or even modest inclines (it nearly failed to traverse the steep climb on the Stratis test track, 035056 kp3). Turning circle is not very good; 8-wheel or 6-wheel steering would definitely be a boon though it can be worked around. Low ground clearance does lead to some obstacle issues, but as a tank destroyer this is an acceptable compromise for its mission profile. Given that this is a wheeled vehicle I would expect performance to be roughly in the realm of the AMV or the Truck, in practice it is underpowered and its mobility exceeds tracked vehicles only on flat or declining terrain. The fact that it fails to exceed the performance of the Angara or the Kuma (and, while not tested, I presume the T-100 as well) speaks volumes.


AWC 30x Nyx: Fast but twitchy. High skill floor due to its fairly wild handling but a skilled driver will be able to run rings around most other AFVs. Has sufficient mobility to keep pace with motorized forces. Low clearance does lead to some obstacle issues though as a tracked vehicle this is not really a significant issue.


T-140 Angara: About what you would expect of an MBT. Certainly on the faster side, but still slower than the Kuma. Outside visibility is terrible due to the folded periscopes, though this is acceptable from a balance point of view; giving the vehicle some downsides for balance against the Varsuk


Timed Tests

Several other vehicles provided as a baseline. Standard variants of the Rhino and Angara were used (Not the K nor the UP), Reconnaissance variant of the Nyx

Note that I am not the Stig, nor is Arma 3 a racing game. These tests were not done as fast as possible, but with a certain level of prudency reflecting the fact that operationally you would never drive these courses like you would in a racing game. That being said, these tests were run with the goal of achieving speedy results; wasting time was not permitted and any slowdowns were for mobility reasons only (not flying off of a cliff, traversing difficult obstacles, etc).

Stratis Test Track (Run Clockwise, 1 lap)

Course Layout (North half mostly incline, second half rocky)



Prowler: 1:46.12

Hunter: 1:43:35

Marshall: 2:09.04

HEMTT: 2:06.88

Slammer: 2:23.22

Kuma: 2:00.55

Rhino: 2:36.76

Nyx: 2:15.37

Angara: 2:09.54



Agia Marina to Kamino

Route (Nominal incline up until about the hairpin past Rogaine, then mostly decline)



Prowler: 3:05.78

Hunter: 3:12.14

Marshall: 4:36.00

HEMTT: 4:34:35

Slammer: 6:20.07

Kuma: 4:48.35

Rhino: 5:31.87

Nyx: 4:00.06

Angara: 5:12.91



Tanoa Test Track and Tanoa Point to Point

To be tested when I can be bothered to do so

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