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anonymous panda

Connecting to servers issues

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Hi first of all thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly help me much appreciated but now to the task at hand. I have been having issues to connect to any arma 2 OA servers,  I'm getting stuck on the "Wait For Host" screen. Now I understand this is a common issue so I go through all the steps of googling issues and doing the standard uninstall and reinstall steps for battleye and when this didn't work I decided to look at the rpt and this is what I found .(https://pastebin.com/25Tiuwi0) The one thing that  me and me and several others were trying to figure out is what the hell is going  on, so unable to figure this out I have come here for the help from the people who have the knowledge about these things. (last thing I forgot to add, I am using the DayZlauncher but we have also tried to use steam and the issue with that is I see no servers on the server list and no filters are on that would affect my search)

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