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Looking to port/looking for a point per kill HUD (photo attached)

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Edit: SOLVED, thank you :) 


Greetings! I am currently working on my mission file,  a scenario where my players must fight AI and or they can kill eachother , we have a kill counter etc but we are missing a major step, 

Link 1: The code I dug up that adds possibility (Im also not a very good scripter, my apologies) 

Link 2: What the code should output and or what I am currently wanting. 

Hastebin link to ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled.sqf (has the RESPECT counter I am seeking) 

I want something similar for my server when AI and or players are killed (same point value for each, I want players and ai to dish out 100-150 per kill)


I've been looking around a lot, haven't found much on the manner considering exile is the only mod in which I have ever seen use this. In looking in exile I cannot find how to use this, Is there anyway to have this and or something similar? Thanks very much once more :) 

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Should have! I already have one source but the others are good, thank you for this! :D

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