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BattlEye Initialization Failed

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So recently i've tried to connect to any Arma 3 server and without fail, it's always ended up saying the same thing: "BattlEye Initialization Failed".

This has never happened to me before this point in time, i've tried looking it up and following what everyone else says to do but nothing seems to work for me, this is what i've done:


-Verified integrity of Game Cache via Steam

-Uninstalled and re-installed Arma 3

-Uninstalled BattlEye via Arma 3 directory and re-installed it

-Allowed full control to everyone on my system on all of the main files of Arma 3 via Arma 3 directory

-Sent in a support ticket to Arma 3's support team


I've tried it all unless i'm missing something, I love Arma 3 and would love to play some more but without this, i'm restricted to SP missions and the Editor which is fun for a while but i'd

like to play with others in multiplayer servers. If anyone can get back to me that'd be amazing with a solution, i'm sure that i'm missing something stupid and right in front of me but I can't

tell what that might be. Thanks again!

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Hi mate, a little late but have you tried the below?


1) join a server through the Steam ArmA3 launcher rather than the in-game server browser?

2) port forwarded port 2306 in your router like below?


By the way, following the last update for ArmA 3 (1.8?) you may need to update the port forwarding rules on your router to include port 2306 (BattlEye traffic, +4) if you run your own dedicated server. You can see details on this here

Steam Community Thread

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