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[Solved] Kill score on multiplayer mission not working

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I have a multiplayer (co-op) mission that is not counting the number of kills that players get.  So when they look at the score table it always says 0 kills.  It does show how many times you die though.


What do I need to do to get player kills recorded?  S

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The problem I was having was as a result of using ACE.  Currently on ACE kill scores are not recorded due to an issue with ArmA and ACE.  Yes you could have kill scores but half the medical system would have to be removed.


There is however a hack I have found that can be used with CO-OP missions.  Run the following code on any enemy AI unit:

_unit addEventHandler["HandleDamage",{_this select 2}];

I believe this does not change the damage the unit takes.  The code can be added to the init field for editor place uints like so:

this addEventHandler["HandleDamage",{_this select 2}];

I found this worked because we use EOS for our clan mission and and if a damage multiplier option for enemy units is set (any value but 1.0 should do) it makes this call.  This breaks the ACE medical system but hopefully just for the AI and shows why this will only appropriate for co-op missions.


I have not run this long enough to know if it will affect the ACE medical system for players.  We used to have issues with ACE Medical and the EOS mission but they the problems seemed to be the same on other mission like DCG.


Use with caution and good luck - S

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