Of course. Funny enough, according to arma you're the driver of your backpack, so the check basically checks if the container opened has a crew, if none or none are alive then you can access it. So this Opens: Backpacks of dead units Inventory of empty vehicles Inventory of vehicles where every crew member is dead   Forbids Backpacks of alive units Inventory of vehicles with alive crew   player addEventHandler ["InventoryOpened",{ params ["_unit","_container"]; _override = false; _allUnitBackpackContainers = allUnits select {alive _x} apply {backpackContainer _x}; if (_container in _allUnitBackpackContainers OR !(crew _container select {alive _x} isEqualTo []) ) then { systemchat "Access denied!"; _override = true; }; _override }];   Tested it on manned vehicle, empty vehicle and some poor sob with a backpack.   Cheers
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