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(Bug report) Smoke Countermessure bug on tanks

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Not sure if im posting this on the right place. The countermessures on tanks (smoke) tend to only work for the first person entering the apc/tank. So for exemple if the first person who enters the tank goes as driver its only him that can switch to commander seat and smoke. Second player in (gunner) wont be able to do it (there isnt a smoke option for him if he was to switch to commander).


If the first person (driver jumps out) and back in the tank, then its only the gunner that can smoke (use counter messures in commandseat). Really annoying bug that has been there for ages. Wouldnt it be easier if smoke always worked for whoever is in commander seat?


Only way to zero this, is if everyone leaves the tank and let the person whos gonna be controlling both seats commander/gunner jump in first.


Really hoping for a fix for this before tank dlc is released! It creates too much fiddeling back and fourth ingame and creates too much confusion. Please look into this and solve it.


Best regards 

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Can confirm on the latest dev branch. Hoping it gets fixed.

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Really hope developers have seen this bug and deals with it. Really annoying bug!

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