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Dev Work Needed (Paid)

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I'm the owner of a small malden life community and was wondering if an experienced/reputable dev would be willing to do some work on the mission file.

Here is what needs doing:


     - Green zone weapons drop automatically when shot, needs to be not dropped when shot as it is used for duping

     - View distance only 800m even when settings are increased

     - make cops spawn with rtu uniform

     - cops on revive loose their uniform texture, needs fixing so they dont

     - after players died, they respawn with same ammo, needs fixing so all ammo is lost

     - lsd and uranium cant gather even with perk and needs fixing. Only 2 runs which require perk

     - add AMS and ARCO to rebel shop and donator shop

     - Make insurance on all vehicles free

     - make vehicles non-exploding

     - tempest device not auto-gathering, needs to be fixed

     - Decrease number of cops needed to rob gas station to 3

     - Fix the auto restart maverick script to work

     - Remove speed cameras maverick script

     - make car tuning maverick script not avalable for cops to use

     - In-game market menu is not working in phone as civ: https://gyazo.com/360afb9e403b8c01f137459114d3ecdd

     - Cars spawn with a toolkit inside

     - add nightvision to rebel and donator shop

     - car menu dispaying fuel and speed broken: https://gyazo.com/a64526d8fef703b24e0be6eeeadbb328

     - Unflip timer of a couple seconds rather than instant

     - make cso and pcso only access rangemaster belt as vests.

     - PC has access to all below + tactical vest

     - Chief Detective has access to all below + carrier lite

     - Superintendent has access to all below + V_PlateCarrierSpec_rgr (special carrier rig)

     - COM has access to H_PilotHelmetFighter_B (helmet)

     - Add compass to cop shop

     - need names of the .png/jpg used for medic hummingbird and orca


Some things are easy and will take no time, some are difficult

If you could, please post how much you could do the work for, what you can do (if you cant do all of it)

and any reputation/experience you have




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