Anybody else get this?   Only AI vehicles are affected. This is a tank shooting at a 3km distant target. Player weapons are perfectly on target. The dispersion near the target is around 10 meters in radius(!!!). At the distance of the tank (920m), the dispersion is almost 5 meters in radius, as an estimate. To get this number I used the 10x10 meter cubes and stacked them. Dispersion was large enough to miss a single floating cube reliably at 3 km distance.     Arma's copyprotection for illegimate copies used to be that player weapons were affected by progressively worsening dispersion. My copy was bought way back in early access phase. For a couple of patches, only AI has been affected for me. I didn't play Arma a lot recently, and I used mods so I thought maybe something was wrong there. Now tanks are coming, and I want to get back and see how they work. I turned off -all- mods for this. What is going on?   I am on Dev Branch.