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VTOL issues with AI

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So to start out I basically copied and pasted the entire Y-32 VTOL config set up for the VTOL. After some tweaks it seemed to work fine, however, I seem to have one issue.

At some point, with most common causes being first to move waypoint after take off, and overshooting the target. It usually happens like this

  • AI begins to pull up
  • Flaps set to usually 1st settings
  • Speed gets stuck at 283 or so, no degrade or increase
  • Aileron twitching as if wanting to turn but don't. They twitch based on direction of waypoint/objective
  • AI will continue to simply go up till they reach the max altitude


This seems to be this specific maneuver and in that state alone. Taking control and banking will break them of the state, and altitude causing lack of engine power will as well. Once even a minor outside force effects the "stall" like state. The vehicle will operate 100% normal. Although it can be triggered by overshooting a objective such as after a strafing run.

Any ideas?




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