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please change a game litel bit

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hi...please argo......please change the game now....add some new level...new gun and more skill point.......it will be very thankfull if you add som rank like captain major etc etc....please i will be waiting for your replay

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Hi @goldberg1,
People already asked for more maps (locations) and more weapons, since the release,
but they always answered that they have no plans going into that direction.

So the solutions:
- Get the missions templates (Link, Raid, Clash, Combat Patrol) and add yourself new locations on the map to play on (In the Editor).
Add the loadouts you want or an Arsenal Box. (using scripts)
Then you host it yourself on your computer or rent a server if you want. Of course this would requires you to learn a lot of about custom missions.
- Buy Arma 3... cause they want you to do so and it should be a lot easier ;)

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