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Soviet AF Pack... progress so far

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Those that have followed my stuff know I'm working to add all the goodness from previous Soviet AF mods - my Bomber Pack and Flankers pack together with some A2 stuff, and bring them up to Jets DLC standards.  So here's a little tease.  All of the aircraft in this pic have working Physx and can take off, land, and no longer blow up when taxiing on the runway.  Unless you taxi at 300kph :)   I am working on the bombers' Physx at present and should have those done relatively soon.  (PS:  I fucking hate Physx!!!!)



Another bit of good news - Eggbeast is letting me further develop the FRL missilebox (Originally FRL Myke's work imported into the A2 Rangemaster mod), so I have some better resolution textures to work with now.  Getting all the pylons up to Jets DLC standards is going to be fun... that's a chore unto itself :)  However it is in-progress and not stalled.


The to-do list is still long... however I do have an action plan and hope the upcoming weeks/months will prove to be productive...


 - Proxy placement for some pilots is wrong and needs the oh-so-fun placement chore. 

 - Some animations are broken (see the A50 ladder?)

 - Some textures are showing up as transparent for some reason.

 - Low-end envelope tweaks are required since most aircraft literally cannot land until you stall the engine

 - Su-27 family rolls backwards when the engine starts as if the dampers are bouncing the plane or something... still can't track that one down.

 - Loadouts as mentioned.

 - Cockpits are basic and don't have any of the new gizmos from Jets DLC.


The Physx-ready inventory so far:









Tu-95 family







Pending inventory:




Su-30 series


I'm breaking these out into "vanilla" and "factions" offerings so there will be a CUP version, etc.  I'm entertaining the idea of making some other versions like Icebreakr's FAP units :)


When will it be done?  Soon™


Until then... someone help me figure out how to have more time off so I can get this done faster lol  :D



A final tease of the Tu-160 and AN-72...

Tu160test.jpg   an72alpha.jpg

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Cooooool.  So is this sort of the port of the rangemaster aircraft you and eggbeast did for A2 minus the Mig-23/27 and the Su-22?   So much good stuff in that pack.  I was hoping that it would reach A3 at some point.  Good stuff!

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This is excellent news! I've had a bunch of missions on the works for a while now but had to put them on ice as they all depend on a player controlled IL-76. The addon I was using stopped working after Jets dlc I think and I've been using various less than satisfactory placeholders to build the missions. Once you release this I can get back to properly work on those and think about linking them into something resembling an actual campaign. I'm sure I can find use for your SAM pack in those missions too. Following this thread with interest for sure!

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23 hours ago, unearthedtru7h said:

How deep into the VVS inventory are you going to take this?

well have you ever watched the movie "The Core" by Jon Amiel? Rumor has it, he's going that deep.

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