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Boheima public service good the bad and the ugly.

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I am an old OFP guy and Arma2 player. I have not really played on Bohemia  servers since Arma3 came out. I don't have the time to join a realism unit nor do I really like playing with that much role playing I just want to play and relax with a game that I have been playing with for a long time. I usually a messing around with the editor making missions and play on a host server with AI or just a few other players that I know. I just recently gave boheima missions on public servers a chance and I was pleasantly surprised. 


The good.


First let me say this I appreciate that Bohemia provides public servers with Bohemia made missions that are pretty good missions that play out well. It's a place for players to meet play a few rounds and even make friendships  to carryover to then player user made missions together. Thus keeping the community growing with new players and new groups that play together in a more casual setting then the majority of organized Clans units that exist. The ingame voice channels are good no need for team speak or Discord ect ?. 


The bad.


The inability to play the missions with AI bots. There should be a way that the admin can enable the use of AI in the mission if desired. With the ability for human players to JIP and take over the AI if the mission already started.


The ugly.


There should be a way for the admin to permanently ban a player from the server at the start or during the game following multiple team kills ect. That player should be ban from that particular server/mission for set time period or as long as that particular admin is still in control of that server.  Arma 3 Public Service could be so much more enjoyable and a great place to help keep this community  growing but the number of games missions that get screwed up needs to be handled in a better way with these types of players. They're only 20 something  servers so if a player gets ban from a few in a giving day then they should get banned for a few weeks and so on. 


What do you guys think. And I would love to hear from the developers on this.



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I also often hear about hackers on public servers that just cannot be removed. Like If everyone agrees you might be able to get a vote kick going, which results in the hacker just rejoining.

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The only proven solution to this, like on any privately owned server is to have mature and consistent admin  presence with limited but fair tolerance to those who like to negatively effect other players experiences.

This may or may not be something B.I can organise/accomplish as it requires a lot of time spent on the servers looking for the right attitude in a person who you can then offer an admin position to.

This is most likely something Dwarden, who already puts his heart and sole into this community cannot find any time to do.

In addition and in my experience, typically those who want to be selected as admin, normally are not suitable for the role. It is those reluctant to do the task but want a better quality online experience that tend to make the best admins, backed up by a fair and resonable set of server rules that are not a wall of text where those unsuitable players like to push the boundaries and look for loopholes.

You also have to bare in mind that these servers are run for free by B.I and I assume are used as an initial stepping stone into the ArmA world

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