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ENS J.Smith

2nd Bn, 7th Marines

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2nd Battalion 7th Marines

The 2nd Battalion 7th Marines [2-7] is a realism unit based in ArmA 3, as a realism unit we aim to play ArmA 3 using teamwork, real world tactics, and weapon systems employed by the United States Marine Corps.  We do this by utilizing the experience and knowledge of our many active members including prior and active military service members and available Marine Corps knowledge.


Training Pipeline

All our members are trained to the highest standards through our School of Infantry Course that is composed on hands on drills to prepare for infantry based marine billets. Additionally, we offer MOS Courses for specialized billets within the Marine Platoons. We offer flexible days and times to get you through our training pipeline. We strive to bring you up a to a standard that is enforced throughout the unit to ensure the best gameplay. Our Instruction staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to making you the best you can be.  


Our Roles

Much like in the corps, our unit has a variety of roles that enable us to complete dynamic missions across all terrains and situations.  These roles include:

         - 0311 – Rifleman

         - 0311 – Auto Rifleman

         - 0311 – Assistant Auto Rifleman

         - 0311 – Fire Team Leader

         - 0331 – Machine Gunner

         - 0341 – Mortarman

         - 0352 – Antitank Missile Gunner

         - 8404 – Field Medical Service Technician

         - 8002 – Joint Terminal Attack Controller


Advanced Courses

We offer advanced courses to allow our members to challenge themselves and learn new skills enabling them to become even more capable marines.  These include:

- Basic Parachutist Course

          - Air Assault Course



- Be at least 17 years or older

- Write and Speak English at proficient level

- Own ArmA III and and have ability to download mods

- Not be a member of any realism/milsim unit

- Attend operations Sundays at 8PM EST (2000 EST)


How to Join

- http://www.2ndbn-7thmarines.us

- Make a forum account

- Submit application in the “Recruitment” forum

- Check us out and ask questions “ts3.2ndbn-7thmarines.us”



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