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Hello, I think it's a stupid question, but...

I wonna make some intro text in left bottom on monitor in my mission with various text\colours, but I have syntax trouble - I don't know how I can make it.

Now I use this code: [localize "STR_When", localize "STR_WhereLocal", localize "STR_WhereGlobal"] spawn BIS_fnc_infoText;

Can anybody help? Thanks.

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Do you actually have a string table with those values? If not, localize won't work for you.

infoText is also quite simple and doesn't allow structured text.


Maybe BIS_fnc_typeText is more suited for your needs.

Here's an example:


		["CAMP ROGAIN,","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '0.7' font='PuristaBold'>%1</t>"],
		["RESUPPLY POINT","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],
		["10 MINUTES LATER ...","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '1.0'>%1</t>"]
] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText;




If you just want a simple text in the lower left corner, you can also use BIS_fnc_dynamicText.


["<t font='PuristaBold' align='left' color='#FFAA00'>LINE 1</t><br /><t font='PuristaBold' color='white' size='0.7' align='left'>  LINE 2</t>",-0.6,1.1,5,0.5,0,5] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText;


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There is quite a few ways you can do it. By far the easiest is use 3den Enhanced. It has a text options with two different types of text you can easily configure and customize.


But my group uses:


nul = [] execVM "intro.sqf";


waitUntil{!(isNil "BIS_fnc_init")};
10 fadeSound 3;
10 fadeMusic 3;
titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 25]; // Length of time it takes to become completely visible from black.
sleep 10;

["INSERT TIME", str(date select 2) + "/" + str(date select 1) + "/" + str(date select 0)] call BIS_fnc_infoText;
["INSERT SECOND LINE OF TEXT"] call BIS_fnc_infoText;                                                                       
["INSERT THIRD LINE OF TEXT"] call BIS_fnc_infoText;          


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