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Malden Flight Training

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After playing lots of KOTH on C4G's Infantry No Towers server, and not wanting to crash helicopters in MP,  I created a map for learning to fly on Malden based off the KOTH maps.


This is the first thing I have made for Arma 3, but I dove in on scripting and think it came out very good, although i'm really hoping for some feedback.


It allows the player to select 3 Zones to fly to (La Trinite, Le Port, Chapoi), each allowing the choice of spawnpoints for BLUFOR, OPFOR, and Independant, so 9 Spawnpoints in all.


The player is offered an extra action on the scroll menu to respawn at base and to choose options at any time. In the unfortunate event you crash the helicopter, it 'respawns' you back at the base with a new helicopter.


It allows the player to choose to have enemies active in town or not, and allows practicing 9 different types of helicopter plus the Blackfish.


With Enemies set to 'on' it spawns 10 different squads consisting of 5 riflemen and one AA rifleman with a rocket. The AI are on opposing sides so they fight among one another as well as attacking the incoming helicopter which makes it seem more like a real KOTH match. 


As it is for practicing flying helicopters and landing in the KOTH zone there is no defined mission per se, however if you think of it like KOTH you know you have to land in the Zone.


It has a distance to the center of the zone marker to indicate distance to the zone center at all times.


Anyhow there is a link below, if you read this and try it, I hope you like it, and would love to hear any feedback.


Malden Flight Training on Steam Workshop

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