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Task Force Northern Wind is looking for developers

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I'm Ezcoo, founder of Task Force Northern Wind. Task Force Northern Wind is intended to be a small group of developers specialized in developing multiplayer gamemodes and the required content for them in agile manner in Arma 3. The group name and logo describe the group's vision: just like the icy-cold northern wind hitting you in the face when you step out of the door in Nordics, our goal is to create immersive experiences that make players concretely feel, whether it's excitement, fear or passion. The group will be shaped by its members, which means that every member – including you – has a good chance to affect the direction we'll be taking in our future projects.





I decided to found the group because I've been in the Arma modding (mostly mission editing) scene for years, but haven't accomplished much. I started as a complete noob back in 2012, having no idea of anything, but got constantly better at my niché, game design, with the right mixture of inspiration and perspiration. I consider myself pretty skilled in it nowadays.


I've been part of several ambitious projects that didn't take off for some reasons: either they turned out to be too large projects for the team or – most importantly – the chosen development method was suboptimal considering the ambitiousness of the projects. Regarding the latter reason, it took me a while to understand why I was failing to deliver despite of having the honor to work with such amazing teams of developers I actually was working with. Eventually I figured it out. The reason is that I'm strongly the type of developer that utilizes agile methods with very short feedback loop and iteration interval. I've been working with and in teams that have had developers from all around the world, which lead to a single iteration lasting for a day or even several days, which, in turn, lead to difficulties in managing and designing the project on my part. That's why I decided to found Task Force Northern Wind – a developer group deploying a set of practices that utilize agile development and tight cooperation between developers, ultimately leading to better results.




Task Force Northern Wind is looking for you, if you're able and willing to take part in development of multiplayer gamemodes during European noons, meaning approximately the time between 09:00 and 19:00 GMT. We're seeking people with a friendly and cooperative mindset; in addition, while tolerance to the consistently present bad humor is not required, it just will make your life a lot easier!


If you're a scripter/programmer, we'd love to hear from you if:

  • you master full stack development from database setup and integration to user interfaces in Arma, especially considering the multiplayer environment; OR
  • you master some of the skills required in multiplayer mission development and you're available to work with other developers when they need you approximately during the above-mentioned time window.

If you have other skills that you think we might be interested in, make sure to contact me on Steam or join our Discord and poke us!



See you on the battlefield!

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We've started development of our first project, Leaf Engine! Leaf Engine is intended to be the lowest level component of various kind of multiplayer missions that takes care of some of the specific actions that are often hard to manage in multiplayer scripting, serving as middleware between the game engine and gamemode. It can (and should) be extended with modules that add the actual game mechanics and necessary content in the game. For those wondering, we decided to name it engine instead of framework because the first full version is intended to contain advanced functionality that can be utilized by simply describing wanted end result, which the functionality will then create based on the wanted features. One example of this kind of functionality is forming a complex and dynamic economy that implements the necessary economic laws simply by describing what kind of items the players should be able to trade. That's what Leaf Engine is designed for.


Do you want to take part in the development or are you willing to follow our development? Join the official Discord of the project by clicking the image below:



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