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The Guards Armoured Division is a serious attitude British World War II milsim unit.
Our primary focuses are teamwork, historical accuracy, operational realism and enjoyable experience. Roots of the unit date back to May 2017.

To describe our unit the best, we’re a unit that is heavily influenced by history of the real Guards Armoured Division during World War II. Our unit is medium sized and the leadership of the unit has a great amount of experience of running units in Arma from the past. Currently, we expect a playerbase of 30+ on our operations. Feedback is heavily valued in order to shape the unit for us all to enjoy. Ranks are given according to their need and leadership skills, rather than as a reward for good performance. We have different and enjoyable supportive branches to join that won't completely take your infantry experience. Many opportunities to conduct historical operations focused on various nations. Allied with several other WW2 British units. Relaxed attendance (under Leave of Absence report), operational seriousness. New player friendly.






Motor Platoon

Motor Infantry Sections are the main backbone of our operations. They're operating out of their designated vehicles (M5 Halftracks, Bren Carriers & others, depending on Operation setting) and they're composed of two Groups. There are three in a regular Platoon.

HQ Section is the section which commands the Motor Platoon in the field and coordinates the operation with the Armoured Troop and Carrier Platoon. This usually holds 6-7 men, and sometimes holds a Mortar / PIAT detachment depending on the situation.

Our Motor Platoon represents the 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards in main operations.


Carrier Platoon


Carrier Platoon is an Infantry Section operating in smaller groups and utilizing the nimble Universal Carriers. They often carry out Scouting duties before major engagements. On foot, without their Universal Carriers, these lads still create a solid threat to the enemy troops, and are in no way less prepared for contact than their Halftracked counterparts.

Our Carrier Platoon represents the 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards in main operations.

Armoured Troop


Armoured Troops are utilized in majority of our operations, using a wide variety of vehicles depending on their task. (Such as Sherman I or Sherman Vc Firefly or Stuart VI)
Their primary role in the main operations is to take the vanguard in major advances, but may also be deployed as Armoured Reconnaissance Troop if the situation requires it.

Our Armoured Troop represents the 2nd (Armoured) Battalion, Grenadier Guards in main operations.

Royal Army Medical Corps


Our medical branch. Their task is to keep everyone in the Battlegroup up in good shape and providing medical service.






Our attendance policy is far from being strict. We are aware of real life issues that everybody may have at any chosen point of their life, as well as their regular out-of-game duties. We can understand whenever somebody isn’t able to play the whole week due to their work schedule.



  • FRIDAY - Main Operation - 7 PM GMT / 8 PM CET / 2 PM ET
  • SATURDAY - Bonus Operations -  7 PM GMT / 8 PM CET / 2 PM ET
  • SUNDAY - Basic Training and Exercises -  7 PM GMT / 8 PM CET / 2 PM ET




It is required that applicants are at age of at least 15 and have a working microphone. We expect that the applicants can act mature and serious during the operations, as well as respectful towards the other members of the unit throughout the whole stay.
If you’re willing to join, join our discord for more enlistment info.


A new member starts at the rank of Recruit. Recruits are gentlemen that had just joined the unit and hadn't completed their basic training course yet.

A recruit should never be afraid to ask different game related matters, such as procedures or game mechanics.

Recruits become Guardsmen upon completion of their Basic training.




Teamspeak: guards.tsdns.pl
Discord: discord.gg/x3CvPX4M25
Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/guardsad
Twitter: https://twitter.com/A3GuardsAD

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