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Arma3 Launcher Lost control over mod downloads

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Hi there, 

Need some support. 

I have lost the ability to control when mods download for Arma 3. 


I want to be able to select a list of mods via the launcher from the workshop and queue them up for download, but i might not want to download them straight away i want to choose when to download these mods. 


I used to be able to control this via steam downloads but the launchers list of mods to download does not get imported properly into steam downloads anymore. 


I have settings in steam to stop downloads when playing a game but these now seem to be ignored so if i have mods needing to downloaded in the launcher the launcher carries on downloading them regardless of if i start a game or not. 


I cannot pause the downloads in the launcher as there is not such functionality,  I cannot pause the downloads for arma3 mods in steam downloads because the steam downloads pause button seems to have no effect.


The only way i can take back control is to unsubscribe from the queued up yet to be downloaded mods in the workshop and then re-subscribe to them when i want to download them, but this is a pain of a workaround.


EDIT - Pressing the Pause button pauses the download for about 2 seconds then it just starts again.



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