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Odd Rocks

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Hey guys, 


Not sure if there is anything on this or not. I was just flying around on Tanoa trying to look at areas to do a mission and came across some weird man made rock formations.


Here's what I've noticed so far:

There are three distinct rock formations along the ridge at these coordinates in odd patterns.

(P>) 101105 K8

(A>) 102103 K5

(S>) 103101 K6


They are in the undergrowth so they are easy to see unless you use CTRL+G to turn off the foliage. The all seem to be pointing to the east towards the old temple at 110084. I flew around some to see if I could find more but I couldn't. Not sure if this is the old easter egg that pointed to the ruins at all. I find it hard to believe no one has found these at all on this map, or at least have recorded it somewhere. If anyone knows anything greatly appreciated, just trying to quell my curiosity is all.











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The arrows point at the next letter in the word. They spell "trpaslik", nickname for one of the developers. "Dwarf" in English.

I think you can find the same word also on Altis and Chernarus maps.

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