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Dagestan-Chechnya Border 1995 Template

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A template of the 345th VDV's 3rd Campaign Based in a fictional escalation of the 1st Chechen War. 

Lots of Bases were made along with Improvements to many of the towns and villages as I made the campaign.

I've included the Briefings to the Missions from that campaign if anyone is interested, as the actual missions them selves are dependent on a custom faction I made based on the Caucasus Insurgency Mod, which I've since lost, and so are mostly unplayable.

Its not intended to be played as a whole but just take the parts you need for your mission and delete the rest , otherwise the FPS will be really bad.

If you do use it in somthing, just put me in the credits

Screen Shots







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Priviet !

I check your work ! Its very impressive, really hard working on details, well done

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