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Mr T. Ingle

49th Hooligans Infantry Division [NA/EU](Semi-Casual)

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49th Hooligans Infantry Division




We are based in the US and work to be a well oiled casual realism unit. We are based on US Army Infantry Units. We strive to provide a real sense of teamwork and structure. In the Hooligans Infantry Division, we have a dedicated and hardworking command staff that are active almost 24/7.


What we offer:
- Weekly Main Story Ops on Weekends
- No basic training
- Semi-Casual Experience
- Monthly Meeting on every 4th Tuesday. (Times Set One Week before Meeting)
- Natural Rank Progression (Every event you attend gives you a certain amount of point to add up to your next rank! Rank also depends on performance and attitude)
- First Person Only
- TeamSpeak 3 Server


  • Must be 15 and over. No Expectations.
  • Must have a working microphone.
  • Must have Arma 3.
  • Must be committed and mature.


What we are looking for:

  •  Dedicated people who are looking for a milsim experience but also want to have fun.
  •  People who strive for leadership.



Contact Information:



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