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On 12/20/2018 at 3:40 PM, redarmy said:

@goko-- Loving the mod ,however i just wanted to ask is there a way to make it compatible with modded units?


It actually does work on certain modded units,some others not so much even though they are using vanilla helmets

Yes, sorry for late reply first...


I try to explain:

Mod reads config values from individual helmet's armor protection level inside config, dynamically.

If I can recall correctly, vanilla Arma 3's level II helmet's protection (armor) value is 6, and level V (highest) helmet has protection value of 12.

And on the other side, we got bullet calibers, lets say 9mm is the weakest and for high lets take something like .408 or .50 Cal.

Mod uses linear conversion to match these and compare them together dynamically and apply destruction according to protection level vs caliber.


So lets say, add-on of helmets have truly unrealistic values, totally out of scope of armaverse (vanilla game config values), mod will not work since even .50 cal would fall short to match the protection value of it and vice-versa, if a weapon modification has unrealistic ballistic values in config, you can pop all helmets even with a pistol, or cannot, according to value.

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Hey @goko-- !


Where are you ? where are the updates? 

Can the user hope (after version 1.15.2) there will be an updated version for helmets, particles, maybe other?

I love your mod, I recently discovered that Viper Helmets cannot be damaged after bullet hit them. Can you fix it?
Also, I would like to see damaged vests, not only helmets and night vision devices. Is it possible? What do you think about it?

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I'm not sure if this mod is still supported, but apart from what Mickeymen said


I too love this mod, but my unit hates it, mostly because they get their night vision and helmets shot off all the time.

Any chance on having a CBA setting where it is set for AI only?

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