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Magazine Compatibility Config Issue

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I'm currently revisiting some older configs I'd done for some cross addon mag compatibility. Specifically adding RHS and ACE magazine compatibility to some weapon addons I've done.

Previously I've simply overwritten the appropriate weapon's magazines array with the expanded list of magazines, which of course worked, but meant a new config for each combination of mods.


As shown in this Gist (link), I've switched, or attempted, to using the += operator with the magazines array to add the new magazines without overwriting the existing array.

The problem I'm having is that I'm having mixed results: It has worked for 2 of the 5 the classes: tb_lmg_mk23_base and tb_arifle_mk25_base but not for: tb_lmg_mk24, tb_arifle_mk21_base, tb_arifle_mk21_m203_base or the ugl variation: tb_m203b.
I've had a look at another thread with a similar issue where they had some success and have seen this used by a couple other configs for the same purpose but I'm currently at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong here so any advice / help would be great.


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