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Does anyone know how the ranging system works for the ams? I've heard someone say that it has a mildot type system, but it makes no sense to me. Any insight is much appreciated.

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anyyes they are all using "mildot" (they all have dots, right?) but that doesn't make any real sense. and it's not your fault of not understanding anything. I don't think people understand how scopes work.


first thing to understand with scopes are, they all have built-in rangefinders.

take AMS. you put this scope on any weapon, you will have 500meters zeroing by default.

this means something. this is your first hint. now.


Visually, what this means: any standing target (soldier in our case) will have equal lenght of our scope's "upper part".


In optics, further objects will get small right? and this upper part of scope is simply there for you to make use of. you use it to match standing soldiers. if a soldier has exact size match with upper part of scope, he must be around 500meters away from you.


simply look at a standing soldier from 500m (place a soldier on editor or try it at virtual arsenal) what you will find out is he will match with the upper part of crosshair. this is the built in rangefinder. anything standing matches with the lenght of upper part of scope, is in 500m range. since the scope have 500m zeroing default on all weapons, when you shoot at aiming bullseye with your scope, your bullet will land at the exact spot you aimed. unless you have something like trg or low muzzle velocity weapon...


now that is for standing targets. what if the target is moving?

the numbers you have at both sides of scope, are there to aim at moving targets. 2 is close , 4 is at more out from center. These are there to help you "lead" your shot.

Lets say target is sprinting exactly 90 degrees left or right, compared to your position and he is 400meters away. any shot you lead to "4" will land on target, unless he cuts sprinting. Lets say, target is closer than 400meters, you simply lead your shots a little closer to center, closer to "2". 300 meters range means exactly middle of 4 and 2 as you can imagine.


Situations where you have target further than 400meters, you start shooting a little bit early than he reaches that "4".


so this is how AMS works. it is a perfect scope for anything moving up to 500meters with its built in rangefinder.


coming you "mildots" ...well, 500meters have exact match with upper part of scope. how many parts there? 9. 500/9 = 55.5 so...each dot means 50meters, if you have the linear muzzle velocity, for all ranges.




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