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Trapped in a virtual arena, you must drive fast to stay alive. A variety of mission parameters are available to mix up the formula. Supports up to 32 players (and has additional spectator slots).

This is a last man standing game inspired by Tron, the original concept was created by PabstMirror (a fellow ACE dev) who provided me with the old code which I've entirely rewritten and built upon (i.e. added silly mission parameters to make things interesting).

Thought I'd share since this has proven to be a reliably fun, goofy game mode within the group I play with. If you have any suggestions for more mutators please share them!

Requires ACE3 (uses the spectator system).
Compatible with ACRE (will add a radio to players for all your trashtalking needs).
The random vehicle options are compatible with all vehicle addons (they are generated from config).


Mission Parameters

  • Arena Size: How big the arena you're trapped in will be.
  • Vehicle Selection Method: How the mission will pick each player's vehicle, by default it uses preselected vanilla vehicles to ensure the mission will play as expected. However, I definitely recommend trying the random options as literally anything could come up!
  • Vehicle Selection Pool: The pool of vehicles from which the selection method will pick from. The current pools are based on the vehicles' max speed for balancing purposes.
  • Block Size: The size of the blocks that make up each player's trail.
  • Block Gaps: The size of the gaps (if any) between blocks in the player's trail. Note that the gap size is relative to the player's vehicle width.
  • Speed Threshold: How fast of a speed the player has to maintain to stay alive. Note that it's relative to the max speed of each player's vehicle.
  • Mutator: Random, ridiculous options to change up the game. These are intentionally pretty ambiguously named, but you should be able to figure out what they all do.



Playlist graciously provided by drofseh

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