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new TDM and DOMINATION server opening!

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hi all guys !

i just wish to inform the whole community that after many months of test, i can finally declare the official opening of two servers: 
a TDM server with a gameplay inspired to insurgency, still way more realistic, but fast paced, round based, with arsenal ecc.
a DOMINATION server, with a dynamic domination mission, with AI of 3 factions, civilians and so on. can be played coop or TvT or TvTvT !

you can find the servers filtering the name " DWAR "  or at the IP:        dolfrang.ddns.net           on port 2312 the domination and port 2302 the TDM

both run vanilla arma3 for maximum compatibility, plus a set of scripts that add a lot more deep to vanilla gameplay (like drag soldiers and some objects, attach explosives on objects/vehicles, dual primary on back, and much more..)
to not bore you all, i place more infos about missions running on server in the following spoiler, anyway for more infos contact is :  ddelfino@hotmail.com


============================DWAR            TDM             DESCRIPTION===============================================
DWAR TDM mission is made for people that want to focus on intense firefights (a bit like COD or battlefield), but still want an arma- realistic fight!!
heavily inspired by insurgency, to allow players to have quite fast and intense firefights, it adds dynamic respawn positions, to make every round unique, 
access to arsenal , and even a vehicle factory with credits earned by winning rounds.
the objective is a randomly choosen point to conquer and hold, so every kind of tactic, from attack to defend, to snipe ecc is often in the same round!

============================DWAR          DOMINATION         DESCRIPTION===========================================

DWAR is a mission that aims to unleash the full ARMA potential into a dynamic battlefield realistically influenced by players actions.
the core is the realistic battleground filled with AI of all factions, fighting for the control of the island.
in theory, one can just spectate the mission, like watching a war-movie, and still enjoy it!
But obviously, its way more fun to play in it, thats why players can join one of the 4 factions (yep, can join civilians too).
the "story" behind it is that GREEN (independent) are the army of the typical "evil dictator",defending the island and especially main targets.
BLUE (west) and RED (opfor) are expeditionary forces of USA and RUSSIA, in competition to wipe out the dictator and his army,
and to do so they have to conquer the main targets (one at a time, for gameplay purposes so players do not get too dispersed) and hold for a certain time (5 minutes).
Civilians are in between this war, and can do what they want: run away, fight back one or more faction, be "terrorist" ecc..
until here seems a really flat mission with zero innovation, but its the opposite!

The real innovation is the dynamic AND realistic system that allow players to influence and get influenced by the mission,
generating every kind of realistic situation that may happen on a real battlefield! Attack or defend positions, rescue downed crew, ambush convoys,
steal vehicles, save hostages, big battle supporting AI, combined arms, assassinations, everything is there, but in a realistic and cause-effect way!!
i give an example:
a BLUE player sees a RED aircraft, shoot it, and pilot ejects. well this will give a message about a "RED crew needs exfil in 12 minutes at coordinated XY",
and coordinates XY are exactly where pilot ejected, not a pre-scripted place! also this is trigged by pilot ejecting, if he die or fly away, will not be trigged!
anyway...RED players CAN choose to go save him,BLUE and GREEN players can choose to go capture him (and yes, pilot will shoot back, even if only with 2 mags!).
If RED reach him, RED faction gets a bonus AI aircraft patrolling map (and belive me its a huge advantage), but if BLUE or GREEN capture the pilot,
they will get the extra aircraft, plus, an hostage mission will activate! For gameplay purpose, hostages will be avaible for BLUE and RED teams,
being GREEN the actual guards....well and so on.
Its pretty clear that every action on the battlefield (be it from AI or from players) will reflect realistically, another example can be an ambushed convoy,
that if destroyed will take some minutes before respawn, and will respawn at its main HQ, far away from action, actually losing a lot of map control.
Central Altis airport can be controlled by any faction, and reward is a respawn there, where many fast-respawning vehicles are parked,
plus a vehicle factory where you can build every kind of vehicle. Control airport means a realistic access to reinforcements, in equipment form.
Virtual Arsenal placed at HQs and MobileHQs, so players can equip what they want directly from theyr saved loadouts.  

Another great addition its the DEV-A3, a script system that enhance drastically vanilla ARMA3.
Video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcYMLDtzK3M
Forum here:  https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/204959-dev-a3-missing-features-are-here/

HALO jumps, mobile HQs, dynamic random-generated main targets and random generated defending troops, random convoys, sea air land units for each faction,
even random daytime, makes of DWAR an enjoyable mission alone, in coop, in TvT, and TvTvTvT that should never be limited or repetitive or boring!!


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...not a single reply!
its the wrong part of the forum, or is noone interested?
i accept constructive suggestions eh!

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8 hours ago, ANGRY_FARMER said:

...not a single reply!
its the wrong part of the forum, or is noone interested?
i accept constructive suggestions eh!

Thread moved to correct location, please try to post in the correct place :f:

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