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How to get information from AI squads & AI team members

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What I'm looking for is a way to get more information from the AI teams and squadmates what's going on the battlefield. I'm using Advanced AI command and C2 with an ALiVE mission where I'm controlling some, but not all of the units. 

What I would like to do for example is from an infantry squad, get enemy contact information (recon), when a squad is taking losses and when they are under fire. 

And from air assets it would be good to hear when they are firing A2A and A2G weapons. Like "fox 2" or "Rifle", and when they get hit and eject. Like they do in the jets showcase mission.


I suppose I could take a look at that mission and maybe make something myself. But I dread all the sound files, scripts and the triggers that would go with it. My experience with scripts is limited.


So the question is, is there a good mod for recieving information like this? Or maybe a sample mission where on can get some easy pointers how to do it? 

Hope someone out there has a clue. I can't be the only guy out there getting g annoyed about the lack of what's going on. 



"Hey where's my air asset..,....oooh it was shot down 10 minutes ago"

Anybody else had that happen of the single player command people? 

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In the Jets' showcase mission it was most likely a simple trigger that had the condition:

!alive nameofthejet

Such methods can indeed be used extensively but in missions which have specific units in play. For example our missions Miraculous Delivery and Debatable Bravery use them but it is a mess implementing them. It takes a lot of time and sub-conditions need to exist. An example, a condition for a ship to report it has found the pilot:


nameofship distance jetpilot <100;

but what if another ship has already found him? The finding should not then be reported again. It has quite a few tricks but they can indeed be used.


Now as for addons that implement what you would like I do not think any such thing exists but I could be wrong.




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