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EXTDB3 returns "any"

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Okay so for the past two hours I was dealing with an error and I wasn't able to find a solution so I decided to come here and ask you people if anybody knows how to get this working. Basically, I have an ExtDB3 and one of the sql commands returns the name of the player when given the UID. The problem is that whatever I do and whatever I try when I try to get the value it always returns as "any"

This is the function that calls the fn_AsyncCall, sets the value of _ret to be equal to the output of the SQL command, but _ret is always null.


CheckPlayer = 

    _player = _this select 0;
    _playerUID = getPlayerUID _player;
    diag_log format ["Checking player  with UID %2", _playerUID];
    systemChat format ["Checking player with UID %2", _playerUID];
    _query = format["getName:%1", _playerUID];
    _ret = [_query, 2] call databaseAsyncCall;
    diag_log format ["Return value: %1", _ret];
    systemChat format ["Return value: %1", _ret];



This is the command which is my custom_sql file


SQL1_1 = SELECT name FROM players WHERE steamID = ?;


and this is how I call the function from initPlayerLocal.sqf


_player = _this select 0;

[_player] call CheckPlayer;



I don't know if it's me doing something wrong or something else, but it just returns "any".

P.S.: Other SQL Commands which don't require output (e.g.: to insert a player into the database work completely fine)

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I had a problem with inserting data in my database and it inserted 'any' too.


That was because if you execute a command on the server, you can't use the command 'player'.

For example, if you execute (getPlayerUID player) on the server, the value will be empty because the server doesn't have a steamID.

And if you try to execute (profileName), it will be 'arma3'.


I gave each playable unit a variable name to solve the problem.

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Heyo sorry for the later reply. Got the actual thing working on the day of the post but didn't forgot to post the solution. So it turns out that I had the wrong tbbmalloc installed and I've just downloaded it from their official website :icon_biggrin: 

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